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DMI adds Educational Series to its Members Services!

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

Dynamic Marketing Incorporated (DMI) has announced a new addition to its member services, including a monthly educational series called “DMI Coffee Break & Learn Education Series.” The new service will increase the value of being a DMI member.

The “DMI Coffee Break & Learn Educational Series” is intended to bring members up to speed with new industry practices. In the same amount of time that it takes to burn through a coffee break, members can pick up new ideas and skills for their businesses. Since its inception, DMI has made it a priority to help enhance its members. The “DMI Coffee Break & Learn Educational Series” is one of many new additions to come in the following months.

Speaking on DMI’s commitment to its members, DMI’s Director of Operations, Alan Joskowicz, said, “DMI is more than a world-class buying group; we are a business partner to our members. Supporting local independent appliance stores, DMI is excited to add to our vast list of member services, offering an educational series to enhance our already stellar members. A few years ago, we started offering a Social Media and Digital Marketing service, and our members were more than happy with the offering. Our educational series adds to the incredible value of being a DMI member!”

About DMI

Dynamic Marketing Incorporated was established in 1957 and is a private co-op of independent appliance store owners located in Hamilton Township, New Jersey, where both its offices and warehouse reside. The company purchases consumer electronics and home and commercial appliances at wholesale prices from all major appliance manufacturers. In turn, its members sell these products to their customers – a model that helps them compete successfully with “big box” appliance and electronics retailers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Connecticut.

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Media Contact

Alan Joskowicz

Dynamic Marketing Incorporated


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