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Congratulations to Jorge Joskowicz for 35 years of service with DMI!

Congratulations to DMI's current CFO, Jorge Joskowicz, on his 35 years of service at Dynamic Marketing Inc. (DMI)… September 7th, 2022, marks 35 years and one of the longest active staff members with DMI.

His dedication and hard work have been a huge part of DMI’s ongoing success. Jorge started with DMI Sept 1987 to head up the computer department but quickly moved into the role of Controller and stayed in that role for 28 years. During that time, Jorge took DMI from unsustainable financial processes to financial stability. Beyond his financial responsibilities, Jorge also was pivotal in DMI's major system updates in the 90s and 2020s with both the Data General and Lawson computer system upgrades, as well as running DMI's move from Brooklyn to Hamilton, NJ.

In 2016 Jorge took on the role of Executive Director, which he held until he announced earlier this year that he would begin his path to retirement. He is now DMI’s CFO and helps in a lot more areas as well! Over the last 35 years, Jorge has been a big part of the successful growth and changes that occurred within the company.

DMI has been very lucky to have such a dedicated employee be part of the team for over three decades, and we hope for many more wonderful years to come!

Jorge – thank you for all your hard work!!


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