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Leading Warehouse Buying Group DMI now Offering Free Social Media Marketing Assistance to Members

Dynamic Marketing Incorporated is the US's 1st warehouse buying group allowing members to compete with big box stores from prices all-the-way to help with social media.

In the world of consumer electronics and home appliance sales, it can be next to impossible for individual storefronts to compete with big box retailers. The good news is that for over six decades Dynamic Marketing Incorporated (DMI) has leveled the playing field by purchasing these in-demand high-end products wholesale and then making them available to members at attractive price points allowing them to be more than competitive. Building off this already remarkable service, DMI recently announced they had expanded their operation to now include free social media marketing assistance to members, a valuable tool that can help raise awareness, sales, and customer loyalty. ; All at no additional cost.

“We are more than a buying group for Appliance and Electronic Retailers we are a business partner,” commented Alan Joskowicz, DMI Director of Operations and Information Technology. “We work with members of all sizes from small retailers servicing their local towns to large members with a customer base that is countrywide. We love our family-owned business members, which is why, our goal is to help provide the best profit margins, excellent customer service, and increase customers to help grow their business.”

DMI indeed isn't new to working online quickly approaching the two year milestone with their custom “DRS – Dynamic Retails System” dealer web portal which allows members to manage orders with DMI, Invoices, Ship manifests, Vendor Credit Request, Returns, and can produce a wide range of reports to help members run their businesses more efficiently. The Dealer Portal is custom built and includes API functionality which allows members the flexibility to work with any homegrown applications, Web providers, and 3rd party software vendors that they choose for in-house applications, leaving this critical decision in their capable hands.

DMI membership stretches across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Connecticut, with their state-of-the-art warehouse based in Hamilton Township, NJ. The warehouse has over 400,000 square footage that allows them to maintain a remarkable amount of stock, that can be shipped efficiently and quickly, as needed.

All these factors combine to allow DMI to proudly offer some of the best price margins and the lowest membership dues and fees of their kind in America, allowing many stores to stay competitive against big-box chains who would otherwise not be able to meet or beat their prices.

Feedback for DMI continues to be passionate across the board.

Andrew G., from Middletown, NY recently said, “We have used DMI for years now, and they have been nothing but an asset to our business. Being able to incorporate their web portal into our operation was fantastic. They even offer members social media assistance at no additional cost with certainly will help increase customer visibility. We always recommend working with DMI.”

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About Dynamic Marketing Incorporated

Dynamic Marketing Incorporated (DMI) is a private co-op business founded in 1957 originally from Brooklyn, New York now located in Hamilton Township, NJ. For over 60 years of business we have purchased consumer electronics and appliances at wholesale prices from various vendors, and then make them available to our members who sell the merchandise to end consumers through their storefronts.


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