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DMI Weather Center


Emergency Annoncments

Weather Alert as of 12/02/19 (2:30 PM est.)

At this time, DMI's warehouse will open its usual time tonight; however, DMI is watching the current snowstorm closely as weather reports are stating more snow is to come later today with some areas with significant accumulations. We will update our websites, email, and send any updates via the DMI Text Alert System if any updates are needed.

​Please note some of the staff will call out which means there is a good chance our warehouse staff will be shorthanded today.

PLEASE re-date your orders if your truck is not coming this evening.


Please prepare your truckers - there may be delays tonight when picking up orders.


Click the following for the Offical NJ News Update:


DMI Mgmt.



For continued updates please remember to check the following:

The official DMI Website - www.DMIORG.Co

Our Weather Phone Hotline - 347-729-7001

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