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About DMI


DMI's Mission Statement

DMI's mission is to enhance our members' buying capabilities by purchasing merchandise at the best prices, providing premium services for independent retailers while being a trusted business partner.

DMI Vision Statement

DMI’s vision is to help support and grow local independent retailers

DMI's Values
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​Dynamic Marketing Incorporated (DMI) is a co-op business and is one of four NECO member chapters in the Northeast. DMI is also the longest-running, continuously operating warehouse group in the U.S. It was incorporated in 1957 in Melville, N.Y., as a cooperative warehouse buying home electronics and appliances at wholesale prices from vendors and making them available to its independent appliance dealer members. This buying strategy allows DMI's members to compete with big-box stores. Based in Hamilton Township, N.J., it has over 80 active members with over 90 showrooms in New York, New Jersey, Delaware, and Connecticut.

The business was incorporated on September 29th, 1957. For over 65 years, we have purchased consumer electronics and appliances at wholesale prices from various vendors and then make them available to our members, who sell the merchandise to end consumers through their own storefronts. 


This concept helps Dynamic Marketing's members compete with other "big box" appliance and electronics retailers in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Connecticut. 


Originally based in Manville, NY - DMI relocated to Brooklyn, NY - and once again relocated to our state-of-the-art warehouse in Hamilton, NJ, where our Offices and Warehouse currently reside. DMI originally started as Key Appliance Inc. (9/29/1957) but changed to its current name of Dynamic Marketing, Inc (DMI) as of 1/27/98. We recently (as of Dec 2020) became an NJ corporation under the official name of Dynamic Marketing Inc.

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Contact Information:


Phone: 800.889.5812 || Email:

Hours: Mon. to Fri. 7:30 – 4:30 (AZ time)


> 2014 DMI Moves to NJ

> 1998 Key Appliance
Becomes DMI

> 1957 Key Appliance
is incorporated

A great article was written in 1980 by Bob Sherman of L.R. Sherman & Sons of Brooklyn (Bob was the last surviving member of the seven original dealers that made up Key Appliance). His article titled "Brief history of Key Appliance ( New York ) and Key America" ( our then umbrella Group ).


DMI (originally known as Key Appliance) is the first and longest-running warehouse buying group in America, thanks to the hard work of the original seven dealers and the continuing efforts of our current dealers. 


Bob's article details some of the original challenges that needed to be overcome to pull the business model together. A great deal of water has gone over the dam since its inception. And our business model, today, is substantially bigger and more sophisticated in the services it provides its membership and its trade partners. 


In the summer of 2014, DMI celebrated a new phase in our history, as we began operating from our new Office & Warehouse Headquarters in Hamilton Township New Jersey. 


Enjoy Bob's article - Click Here

(Some photographs of the officers and membership from 1980 are attached)

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