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DMI Warehouse Operations on Friday, January 7, 2022

Due to anticipated inclement weather DMI is operating a little differently tonight into the morning.

DMI Warehouse –

  • Our Night shift is currently working to pull all merchandise to be ready at the loading docks and scanned by 1am. We are then going to look to send much of our night shift home ahead of the storm which is due to start to get bad in the local area around 2-3am.

  • Our Day Shift – will have some staff come at 2am ahead of the storm or 8am after the storm once roads are plowed, this way staff will not need to travel on the roads when they are bad.

  • The warehouse will remain OPEN, however from 2am – 8am we will have a limited number of staff onsite.

  • Please note that we already have received a few cancellations from truckers due to come in this morning with stock which means some items in transit will be delayed.

  • Any DMI Member who has products pulled for them choosing to not come for pickup please contact the Warehouse ASAP

DMI Office –

  • All office staff will work their normal hours from home, the DMI office facility will be closed.


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